Shipping and Payment Conditions

Shipping and payment terms and conditions - Once you have placed an order and the payment has been verified by our trading partners, we will start the process of packing and distributing your order, according to the delivery times specified on our website.  At the moment, we are delivering from 9am, right up until 9pm, and we cannot tell you when we will be with you.  the Delivery Driver will ring the doorbell, or knock on the door.  If their is no response, the Delivery Driver will attempt to call a mobile number or landline, which you hopefully will have submitted on your account details.  If there is no connection, the Delivery Driver will attempt to leave it in your safe place, which you will have hopefully filled out on the order form.  If no safe place is entered, the Delivery Driver will leave it in a place that they deem safest, at which point it will be at your risk.  Once the Delivery Driver has made contact with you by either ringing the doorbell or knocking the door, they will put the delivery on the floor, step back to over two metres away (where possible), and you just need to give them a thumbs up.