Our Boxes

Our Boxes

Please note that all orders received by 6pm, on Friday will be sent out on Saturday. 

If you wish to pre-book a future date for you delivery day, all you need to do is say which date you wish to have, in the comments box, on the order form.


ME13, CT1 - CT21, and TN23, TN24, and TN25


NEW DELIVERY DAY - TUESDAY -  only FOLKESTONE, HYTHE, SANDGATE AND DOVER AREAS please state in the comments section of the order form which day would you like to receive                                      your delivery 


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Independent Box

 This fantastic wee box is perfect for one person who likes to cook or likes to cook for two.

A smaller box for smaller pots.

£15.00 / box(es) *
In stock

This Is Veg! Box

This Is Veg! Box - bringing you the best of  fresh Veg. A selection of staple Veg for every kitchen.

£17.00 / box(es) *
In stock

This Is Fruit! Box

This Is Fruit! Box, a selection of fresh Fruit delivered to your door.   

£14.00 / box(es) *
In stock

Everyday Box

Everday staples such as Potatoes, Carrots, Onions on the vegetable side, and Apples, Pears, Satsumas on the fruit side.  This is a no fuss box, with everything required to make good honest meals with all the goodness of your five a day. This box is all about your everyday needs, with the odd cheeky melon thrown in!

£20.00 / box(es) *
Old price £22.00
In stock

Grande Box

More of the regular staples than the Everyday Box and a few interesting additions, such as seasonal fruits and Asparagus (additions dependant on availability and time of the year). More produce and more value!

£25.00 / box(es) *
Old price £27.50
In stock

Loaded Box

Absolutely jam packed with goodies!  All of the features of the Grande Box, along with an additional produce box of special items.  Double the size of the Grande Box but not twice the price!

£45.00 / box(es) *
Old price £49.00
In stock

Free Range Eggs

Large Free Range Eggs from Barradale Farm in Kent - "Golden Yolks For Local Folks".



£1.90 / box(es) *
In stock

White Potatoes

Versitaile and Delicious White Potatoes ideal for mashing, boiling, frying or salads.

from £1.25 / kg *
In stock



from £1.50 *
In stock


Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

from £1.70 *
In stock
Prices incl. VAT where applicable, plus delivery